Local Host
Dr. Mayura Soonwera

Faculty of Agricultural Technology
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology

Dr.Mayura Soonwera is professional entomologist and an Associate Professor of the Department of Plant Production Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkraband (KMITL),Thailand. She has more than 70 high impact factor publications in different international journals and conferences . She has got five research patents in herbal pediculicides for head lice(Pediculus humanus capitis : Phthiraptera) treatments. Her areas of research interest are herbal pesticides or green pesticides for insect pests control ,especially in urban insect pests such as mosquito, house fly, cockroach and head louse.

Invited Speaker

Topic: Core value of licensed tour guide

Jo is the founder of MyProGuide, majoring in aeronautical engineering in university, and then he switched professions to the automobile industry after graduated. Mr. Jo always felt inconvenient when he wanted to have a short and flexible guiding service during the business trip before entering the business. He found that there is no safe and trusted route to book a local licensed tour guide. Due to the reason, Mr. Jo got a tour guide license and founded MyProGuide to start a tour guide business since 2016. MyProGuide provides professional local guiding service. MyProGuide connects travelers, travel agencies and licensed tour guides all over the world. MyProGuide Official Website: https://www.myproguide.com/

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