Virtual E-Poster Presentation

We understand that some presenters will not be able to make the trip to Bangkok to present the research paper due to financial or any other reasons, but still wish to have the paper presented, we offer virtual E-Poster presentations for your convenience. Virtual E-Poster presentation allows participants to submit papers for refereeing and publication in the conference proceedings, exactly like a regular paper. Virtual E-Poster presentations will be displayed on the conference website before and during the conference. To have your poster displayed in the Conference Website, please follow guidelines in below:

Paper Review for E-Posters
Each paper must meet Submission Format
Paper Submission Steps
1. If you have not signed up as a member yet, please set up an account first.
2. Log in Online Submission.
3. Go to "Paper Management" and click "Submit another paper"
4. Please select “Virtual E- Poster Presentation” for the Topic.
5. Fill in all required paper information.
6. Find “Please upload manuscript:” at the end of the page. Click “Browse” to upload files in Microsoft Word (*.doc/*docx).
7. Click “Submit” to finish your submission and a Paper ID will be given.
8. The paper review will take 2 weeks. Please pay attention to the notes if you have received by e-mail with notification letter.
9. After the e-mail with acceptance notification letter is received, please submit the E-Poster by emailing to APCMB Secretariat (
E-Posters Format
File Format: PDF (.pdf)
Please submit your poster as a 1-page PDF-file in portrait orientation.
Font: Times New Roman
Max. file size: 2 MB
Sound: not supported
Download E-Poster Template
E-Posters Submission
E-mail to a high resolution PDF version before June 10th 2020.
Name your submitted PDF with the Paper ID, last and first name of the first (submitting) author: APCMB-0001_Lastname_Firstname
Use the template to make your E-Poster. The presentation will be saved as single page PDF.