2017 Asia-Pacific Conference on Management and Business (APCMB)

July 4 - 6, 2017 in Hong Kong

201707HK Conference Program 

Tourism Panel Discussion

"Topic: Motives to Travel: Millennials in Digital Age"


Panel Organizer

Dr. Ricky Ng

Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong

Prof. Ivan Lai


Prof. Ivan Lai

Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong

Prof. Anthony Wong


Prof. Anthony Wong

City University of Macau, Macau


People are living longer. In general, seniors have time, money, and health that enable them to travel more than younger adults do. So there was a huge of studies in the motives for seniors to travel over the last 10 years. However, millennials as the largest generation to date will become the largest tourist group to be served in coming years, so there is a need to study the motives for millennials to travel because their motives are closely related to their choice of a destination. On the other hand, Eastern and Western millennials may have significant differences in terms of their travel motives, so the government in different countries should understand the motives for both Eastern and Western millennials for developing appropriate strategies to support the tourism development. There is a common point for Eastern and Western millennials that they are growing up in the digital age, so they like to read user-generated contents on social media that include travel reviews. Those traveller-generated reviews highlight authentic experiences that motivate millennials to take a break from city life and visit a destination. Furthermore, millennials like to refer to online sources when they are planning their vacations. This panel session will discuss (1) the motives for millennials to travel, (2) the effects of different motives on Eastern and Western millennials’ travel behaviours, and (3) how smart phones and social media influence millennials’ travel decisions.


Brief Introduction of Dr. Ricky Ng

Dr. Ricky, Yuk-Kwan Ng is the Head of the Centre for Learning and Teaching, Vocational Training Council (VTC), Hong Kong. With research interests in pedagogies in vocational and professional education and training (VPET), staff development in higher education institutions and organizational studies, he has published over 40 papers in Europe and Asia’s international conferences, journals and books. Dr Ng is also the Principal Investigator of a HK$21 million cross-institutional project funded by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong.


Brief Introduction of Prof. Ivan Lai

Dr. Ivan Ka-Wai Lai is a professor in the School of Business and Hospitality Management at the Caritas Institute of Higher Education, Hong Kong. He has published research papers in various journals such as Tourism Management, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Current Issues in Tourism, and International Journal of Hospitality Management. His current research focuses on research methods for hospitality and tourism studies.


Brief Introduction of Prof. Anthony Wong

Dr. Anthony Ip-Kin Wong is a Professor at City University of Macau, Macau, China. He has a wide range of teaching and research interests especially in tourist motivation and behaviors, consumer behaviors, tourism and service marketing, casino gaming, and research methods. His articles appeared at Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, and more; and he is currently serving as an advisory board member in leading tourism and hospitality journals including Journal of Travel Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, and Journal of Business Research.


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