3rd APCMB @Hokkaido, 12 / 24 - 26, 2024
Asia-Pacific Conference on Management and Business
AI Regulation : Balancing Innovation & Governance
We are delighted to extend a warm invitation to the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Management and Business (APCMB), scheduled to be held in Hokkaido, Japan, from December 24th to December 26th, 2024. December brings winter to Hokkaido, offering unforgettable scenes of picturesque snowscapes. It's a season when visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of snow-covered landscapes and enjoy various winter activities.
We are pleased to announce a special session titled "AI Regulation : Balancing Innovation & Governance," which will explore the intricate dynamics between innovation and governance in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). This session aims to delve into the complexities of regulating AI technologies while fostering innovation, addressing key questions surrounding ethics, accountability, and societal impact.
APCMB serves as a premier platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners from around the world to convene and engage in meaningful discussions on the latest developments, trends, and challenges in the fields of management and business. Building upon the success of previous editions, APCMB 2024 promises to be a stimulating and intellectually enriching event.
In the ever-evolving landscape of business and management, APCMB has consistently adapted to the pulse of change. It stands as a dynamic forum that not only addresses current challenges but also anticipates and shapes the future trajectory of these fields. By fostering a collaborative environment, the conference sparks discussions that transcend disciplinary borders, acknowledging the interconnected nature of business, management, and social sciences.
Join us at APCMB as we continue to cultivate a space where intellectual curiosity thrives, where innovations are born, and where the collective wisdom of the global community shapes the discourse of business, management, and social sciences. Whether you are a seasoned scholar or an emerging researcher, APCMB invites you to contribute to this ongoing narrative of knowledge advancement and global collaboration. Together, let's chart the course for a future where ideas transcend borders, and the impact of business and management resonates globally.
For any questions and inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the APCMB Secretariat by email : [email protected]
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