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Special Session - AI Regulation : Balancing Innovation & Governance
The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has led to unprecedented opportunities for innovation across various sectors. However, with this innovation comes the challenge of regulating AI to ensure ethical use, protect privacy, and prevent potential harm. This special session aims to address the pressing need for effective AI regulation in the global context. By exploring topics such as ethical frameworks, legal challenges, international collaboration, and the balance between innovation and governance, this session seeks to foster discussions on how to navigate the complexities of AI regulation. With the potential to impact society, economy, and individual rights, it is imperative to engage in dialogue and collaboration to develop regulatory frameworks that promote responsible AI development while fostering innovation and protecting human interests.
Special Session subtopics are listed but not limited to :
Ethical Frameworks for AI Development
Legal and Policy Challenges in AI Regulation
International Collaboration on AI Governance
Impact of AI Regulation on Innovation and Industry
Ensuring Transparency and Account Ability in AI Systems
All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research depth, accuracy and relevance to conference theme and topics .
Conference academic topics should be related but not restricted to :
Communication & Psychology
Communication Management
Language and Communication
Information Communication
Communication Arts
Education Communications and Technology
Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences
Cognitive task analysis
Educational and Psychological Sciences
Culture & Social Studies
History and Geography
Human Geography
Literature and Poetry
Music and Art
Regional Studies
Religious Studies
Museums & Heritage
Globalization Impacts
Social Research or Social Science
Online Society and Social media
Social Networks/ Organizational Studies
Social Theory
Economics & Finance
International Economics
International Finance
Banking and Financial Markets
Econometric Models and Applications
Public Economics and Public Policy
Population, Demography and Fertility
Energy, Environment and Resources
Transport Economics
Behavioral and Experimental Economics
China, India and other Emerging Economies
Singapore and other ASEAN Economies
Asian Economies
Economics of Social Issue
Economic History and Economic Thought
Economics of Technology
Finance Engineering
Stock Market
Law & Politics
Political Science
Public Administration and Policy
International Affairs and Strategic Studies
Governmental Systems & Practices
Politics and Ethics
International Relations
Political Economy
Regional Studies
Reforming and Consolidated
History of Western Political Thought
Western Constitutional Thought
Civil Law
Criminal Law
Public Law
Economic and Financial Law
Labor and Social Law
International Human Right Law
Legal History
Conflict of Laws
Special Education
Higher Education
Rehabilitation Counseling
Language Education (ESL/TESL)
Human Resource Development and Leadership
Elementary Education
Rural Education
Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Research and Development
Education Policy
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Business & Management
Business Administration
International Enterprise
Human resources
Logistics and Supply Chain
Organizational Behavior
Information Management
Electronic Commerce
Industry Innovation
Corporate Governance
Management Innovation
Hospitality and Tourism Management
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